Location and Surroundings

Forester's Lodge in Frauenstein 


At first near the wood's edge the forester's home was found

Now the view leads over vast open ground

Nearby the town of Frauenstein

'Pearl of the Erzgebirge' sounds fine.


Spring awakening late in the year

Fountains sparkle, the water clear

Happily-spotted, refreshingly green

Heavy thoughts away they flee.


In the pond summer sun blinks

Chitchatting sparrow and fink

Wind flatters the grasses tips

Invites outside to sit.


Autumn thunderstorm above the trees

Peaks in colorful swirls of leaves

Every step a rustling strong

The wanderer sings his song.


Flakes dance, winter brilliance

All dipped in silence

Squirrels nibble on the cones

With a crunch we step down the high snows.


Whatever the season  

Not forgotten under any condition

At the bosom of nature

A trace to recapture. 


Brigitte Schneider 2017



Breathe deeply and be cautious

The owl calls often in the darkness

Eyes and mind opening

Clouds along the sky propelling

The wind around the house blustering

Fast away the time is speeding

Up to the ankles reaches the spring

Sit down - listen to the bright ring

Let fingers slide to the damp

Cold-cool flowing – thoughts expand  

Running through quietly, cajoling fine

Soul in sorrow's mantle looses its stain

Where the ordinary had its run

Surrounded by moments of happiness and fun

Of long bygone occasions

Ride with us today, the new generations

With the good luck of presence reinforce

The water's long life course.


Brigitte Schneider 2017